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Veterinary Services

Surgery Room - Vet surgery for dogs and catsThe Summitview Cowiche Veterinary Clinic offers complete veterinary services for companion animals, specializing in canines and felines. Some of our veterinary services include:


Spay, Neuter
Orthopedic Surgery
Laser Declaw
Emergency Surgery in our Yakima Vet Clinic
Hospitalization for surgery patients

Ear Crops

Boxers, Dobermans, Schnauzers, Pit Bulls, and Great Danes.

CO2 Laser Surgery Treatment

Treatment Table for Sick Pets - Vet practice in YakimaDue to illness, disease or trauma, your pet may one day require surgery. While always stressful (for both you and your pet) there are a few basic guidelines that you can follow that will make the process as complication-free as possible and put your pet on the fast road to recovery.

Depending on the type of surgery, whether minor or major, our veterinarian will advise you when your pet can resume his or her normal lifestyle.

Common veterinary surgeries at our Yakima Veterinary Clinic include spaying/neutering, dental surgery, surgical oncology, ophthalmic surgery, orthopedic surgery, foreign body removal, wound repair, and Caesarean section.

The Yakima Vet Clinic has sophisticated diagnostic imaging capabilities, a modern surgical suite and intensive care facilities, all of which are important in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and complex diseases in your pet.

Most of the equipment, protocols and sterilization procedures we use are that same as those used in human hospitals. Your pet's safety during surgery is very important to us. That is why we offer and recommend the following for all of our surgical procedures:

  • Pre-anesthetic blood work is done in house prior to surgery in order to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to withstand the surgery. Liver or kidney issues may not show symptoms but can cause complications during surgery and can be easily detected with our in house blood chemistry units.
  • IV or subcutaneous fluids. Intravenous or subcutaneous fluids will be recommended by the doctor on an individual case basis.  Intravenous fluids help maintain blood pressure and thereby support your pet’s internal organs, including the kidneys.
  • Anesthetic monitoring. Monitoring of your pet’s heart rate, breathing, temperature, and oxygen levels will occur throughout the operation and during recovery. A pulse oximeter is a piece of monitoring equipment that is used to register oxygen levels and heart rate.  Your pet will be connected to a pulse oximeter throughout general anesthesia procedures.
  • Post-anesthetic monitoring. We continue to monitor your pet during the post-surgery period to make sure he or she is recovering properly.
  • Antibiotic injections  are given in order to prevent infection.
  • Pain medication. Injections of pain medication are given as needed.

Routine surgical procedures are scheduled at our veterinary clinic in Yakima during business hours - Monday-Friday.


Class IV Therapy Laser

Diagnostic Services


Laboratory - Many of our services are offered in-house by our veterinary staff to provide results while you wait. We offer in-house complete blood count, comprehensive blood chemistries, blood thyroid and phenobarbital levels as well as in-clinic snap tests that provide rapid results for feline leukemia, FIV, and heartworm. Other in-house diagnostic tests include fecal analysis, cytology, urinalysis, parasite testing and radiography. We also provide our clients with access to specialists in radiology, ultrasound, cardiology, surgery, oncology, internal medicine and more either through other local hospitals or specialist facilities.

Exam RoomRoutine Preventative Pet Health Care

Puppy and Kitten Exams - To help the newest member of your family grow up happy and healthy, your puppy or kitten is examined every 3-4 weeks to develop an appropriate vaccination schedule. Our youngest patients need boosters of the FVRCP or DHPP vaccine every 3-4 weeks until they are over 16-18 weeks and the Rabies vaccine at 16 weeks. We recommend at least 2 doses of a de-wormer and a follow-up fecal exam to protect from internal parasites. In puppy and kitten visits, nutrition, behavior and house-training topics are discussed so your pet will remain a loved member of your family for years to come.

Annual Wellness Exams

Senior/Geriatric Care - Having an annual physical for your pet is not just about receiving vaccines. At a wellness visit, our doctors will examine your pet to evaluate its overall health, nutrition or possible problems. We will then try to tailor a vaccination protocol based on your pets risk for certain diseases.


Canine Vaccination Protocol
Feline Vaccination Protocol

Microchipping - Microchipping is a safe way to permanently identify your pet. It involves placement of a small electronic chip just under the skin in the neck area of your pet. A sterile needle is used to inject the chip. We offer the Home Again microchip.

Nutritional Counseling

Prescription and Maintenance Diets

Dietary Counseling - We can provide guidance regarding your pet's nutritional needs for each life stage, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance and performance. Three of our staff members are certified veterinary nutritional counselors.


Ultrasonic Cleaning and polishing - Dentistry is an important part of your pet's overall health. Signs of dental disease may include bad breath, pain with eating, and drooling. Pets should have a dental check-up periodically and teeth should be assessed and cleaned under anesthesia. Pets are monitored closely during the procedure to minimize risk. During the cleaning process a thorough evaluation of your pet’s teeth, above and below the gum line is performed. An ultrasonic cleaner and hand instruments are used to remove the tartar from the teeth. The teeth are polished afterwards to restore a slick, smooth surface.

Dental Radiography - In addition to routine dental cleaning, we also offer dental radiography. Dental radiographs are one of the most important diagnostic tools available. They allow us to examine the internal anatomy of the teeth, the roots and the bone that surrounds the roots.

Intra-oral radiographs are taken using small radiographic films or digital sensors placed inside the patient’s mouth. Because veterinary patients will not cooperate when a radiograph or sensor is placed in the mouth, taking dental radiographs requires that the patient is anesthetized or sedated.


Prescription medication
Prescription Diets
Nutritional Supplements
Parasite Prevention
Flea and Tick Products

Our in–house pharmacy is available for the medications your pet requires. Many formulations are available in liquid form or with flavoring if pills are challenging to administer. In stock and special-order veterinary prescription diets are available to help treat a variety of diseases. To ensure accuracy, 48 hours notice is requested for a refill of medications.

Retail Center

Following are the Product lines that we carry at our veterinary clinic in Yakima:

Frontline - flea and tick protection
Frontline - flea and tick protection
Hills Pet Nutrition - Dog/Cat Food "Science Diet"
Hills Pet Nutrition - Dog/Cat Food "Science Diet"
Home Again - microchip for pet identification
Home Again - microchip for pet identification
Lupine - collars, leashes, harnesses
Lupine - collars, leashes, harnesses


End of Life Services

Cremation arrangements

Emergency Services

On-call Veterinarian after normal business hours in Yakima.

Patient Forms

The first time you bring your pet to our Vet Clinic, we will ask you to complete this Client Information form. Please feel free to download, complete and bring it with you to save time.